Introducing Salco

 South Aluminum Corporation (SALCO) has been established in 2003 in comply with developing energy-intensive industries and macroeconomic policies based on the fifth Iranian Development Plan With the aim of taking advantage of The country's huge gas reserves, job creation,alleviation of the poverty, export development and getting more added value.

51 % of the company's stocks belong to Ghadir Investment Company and 49 % remainder belongs to Iranian Mines & Mining Industries Development & Renovation Organization (IMIDRO).

The project will be developed in 3 phases with capacity of 1 million t/y primary aluminum and aluminum alloys. The contract of project's phase 1 with capacity of 300,000 t/y has been signed with NFC from China in 2011 as an EPC contract. Moreover, L/C of the project  has been opened and its executive operations has been started and is in process

Manager's Message




In the name of God the compassionate the merciful

Creation of South Aluminum project is the result of valuable efforts of my colleagues at SALCO.

I always proud myself for having such active and valuable human resources in SALCO and thank god for that.

Up until now, our country Iran has been exposed to unkindness and adversity for several times, and our efforts for its development will be a lasting and glorious gift for the next generation which certainly will be accepted by Almighty God.

Now in the early stages of construction of SALCO phase 1, we seize the opportunities and try to utilize local engineering power as well as committed and expert personnel in order to pave the way for executing SALCO 2&3 phases through utilizing Iranian industrial and manpower potentials effectively.

Resistive economy is a reality which is before us. The noble ideals of our glorious revolution in support of oppressed nations and Muslims all around the world, is in contrast to the global arrogance.

Our strategic mission in SALCO is to develop Iranian aluminum industry, and now along with developing 2&3 phases of SALCO, we seriously follow the establishment of Parsian alumina refinery with capacity of 1.5 million t/y as well as developing downstream industries in SALCO.

The main concepts of project management in SALCO will materialize the most pivotal executing program ahead, and according to this, SALCO will follow the optimal program for time management, quality and price.  

SALCO also intends to establish METAL Co. in order to organize specialized engineering teams, with an independent nature in legal and official point of view and up to the end of design review period, the said company will start its activity officially in order to manage project phase one.

Human resources development will be considered as the key action by senior managers of SALCO and as our daily concerns in SALCO. Human capitals of SALCO will be organized through utilizing new methods of hiring, training and developed systems related to the human sciences, and with the help of God, the first reduction cell of South Aluminum Smelter will put into operation in May, 2018.  


Shareholders ‏

Ghadir Investment Company

  Ghadir Investment Company, which is the biggest Iranian invest

company, as a major shareholder of SALCO, owns 51 % of its stock. 

 Iranian Mines and Mining Industries Development and (IMIDRO)Renovation Organization 

The second shareholder of SALCO, Iranian Mines and Mining Industries

Development and Renovation Organization (IMIDRO), owns 49 % of its stock.