Anode plant consists of green anode shop, anode baking shop and anode rodding shop.

432 anode will be produced daily in the green anode shop which will be transferred to the anode baking shop. Total capacity of the anode baking shop is 200,000 t/y, and this shop includes 66 baking furnace through which the baking activity is carried out. In the anode rodding shop about 322 anode are rodded daily and then will be sent to the reduction plant. Remainder of the used anodes will be sent to the rodding shop from the reduction plant, and after separation of the material, will be transferred to related silos in order reuse them.

SALCO will be the only smelter in the country having all shops that are required for producing proper anode for production lines, and this is one of the advantages of SALCO.

Production process

The raw material required for anode production includes petroleum coke, returned anode and industrial pitch. Returned anode is part of produced anode which after being used in reduction line, will be returned to anode shop. The returned anode along with petroleum coke, in certain levels, are mixed with industrial pitch, up to 180 C, then the resulting paste will be formed in special pressing machines, and the resulting anodes are called green anode.

The green anode which has been produced at the anode baking shop, will be heated up to 1200 in order to increase its mechanical strength and electrical conductivity, and then will be used in reduction plant.

In phase one of SALCO project, about 63000 returned anode will be produced. Both anode green shop and anode baking shop are equipped with emission control system.

Used and returned anodes are cleaned at the anode rodding shop. 


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