Minister of Mines and Geology of Guinea and Chairman of IMIDRO, the roadmap and the supply of bauxite aluminum designs were for a long time period specified. The Public Relations of the Iranian Mines and Mining Industries Development and Renovation Organization (IMIDRO), in a meeting with the Minister of Mines and Geology IMIDRO chairman of Guinea Conakry in the presence of its ambassador in Iran, director of Iran and Guinea as well as CEOs aluminum and mineral held a number of companies, the two sides prepare "technical and economic reports and the bankers 'acceptance' in the coming months insisted.

Chairman of IMIDRO said that the annual report and send it plans to produce 4 million tonnes of bauxite for Iran, is being finalized, said the report (BFS) by consultants in Europe (Germany, England) reached the final stages before it is expected to be ready in October.
According to him, to prepare this report, in addition to determining the exact number of investment and production capacity of alumina from bauxite plant, an international tender for the construction project to be held in Iran's southern coast.
this has provided important context.
He said Iran's 20-year vision plan to achieve a production capacity of 1.5 million tons of aluminum ingots in its plans to supply bauxite is very important.
their increasing cooperation provides.
extended for 25 years.
According to Abdul verse Magvsvba, Guinea Conakry 14.9 billion and 4 billion tons of proven reserves of geological storage bauxite mining at its disposal and at the disposal of the joint venture company of Iran, Guinea (SBDT) put the reserve is 70 million tons. At the same time, 10 billion tons of iron ore at a grade of 65 percent, which are fertile ground for cooperation between the two sides.
He stressed that Iranian companies seeking expertise in geology, mining, processing, training and research, etc Hstym.
The Guinean authorities of this country's efforts to attract investment in mine and said security was the most important action that our government began in 2010. Later, mining law reform, tax breaks and providing new facilities for the investors did. He created a system of "single window", which causes aggregation of issuance of permits and legal requirements as a way to reduce bureaucracy in the way of attracting investment to learn.
Iran and Guinea mining deal
At the end of the meeting's chairman IMIDRO of preparing mining cooperation agreement, research, education and Guinea Conakry announced that in the coming days would be signed.

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