Dedicated power plant

Establishing a dedicated power plant in the vicinity of the smelter will be a trusted source of continuous power generation for the smelter, since power outage imposes lots of damages to aluminum production process. The dedicated power plant is a combined cycle one with a capacity of 913 MW (ISO) including 2 gas turbines, class F, each one with a capacity of 315 MW as well as a steam unit with a capacity of 293 MW. Required electricity of the smelter will be transferred through a 230 kilo volt power station and an exclusive double-circuit power line, and will be connected to the national electricity network through a 230/400 exclusive station.

Being in the vicinity of gas transmission network, signing a contract for supplying 147,000 /h gas daily in order for transferring to the power plant with 1000 Psi pressure, as well as establishing a gas regulating station, will ensure the reliable supply of required gas for the power plant.

The power plant will be constructed according to the international environmental standards. The contract of establishing of power plant has been signed with Ghadir Electricity & Energy Investment Co. in form of B.O.O.

Currently, early works of establishing power plant is in process, including basic engineering and civil activities.


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