Smelter which is the place for producing aluminum liquid, is the main part of south aluminum project.



Phase one of this plant consists of 2 pot room containing electrolysis pots for aluminum production. The length of each pot room is about 1000 m.  

Each pot room includes 129 reduction cells and the total number of cells is 258. The technology of reduction cells is 430 KA, and based on this technology, total production of the reduction line will be 300,000 t/y. the process of turning raw materials to aluminum liquid is as followings:

  • Alumina is transferred to the reduction plant
  • High voltage electricity is connected to the electrolysis pots through busbars.
  • Anodes are added to reduction cells through multipurpose overhead cranes.
  • Aluminum liquid is unloaded through special devices and is carried to the casting house.
  • The remainder of used anodes is transferred to the anode shop through anode carrier vehicles.

    Moreover, some other side workshops give service to the production line as following:

  • Rectifiers station which supplies DC power for the production line
  • Emission control system through dry or wet treatment method
  • Reduction cells lining workshop
  • Overhead cranes repair & maintenance shop   





430 KA

Annual production capacity

300,000 t/y

No. of pots


Daily production of each pot

3255 Kg

Average life period of boilers

1800 days


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