B. Safari - Mining group: Iran is one of the best countries in the world considered to increase the production of aluminum ingots, particularly in the south of the country having over 900 km coastline is easy access to open water
Now two aluminum plant "Mahdi" and "Hormozal" with total production of 250 thousand tons and "Ayralkv" with 180 thousand tons of aluminum ingots only producers of aluminum ingots country and the production of the two plants with 1404 outlook aluminum country that produces 1/5 million tons. , far away

For this purpose 10 years ago in Lamerd area south of 20 hectares for the construction of aluminum plant with a capacity of 900 thousand tons, which is south with a capacity of 300 thousand tonnes was allocated in the first phase of which recently entered its construction phase is implemented. At age 45, the aluminum industry the industry from growing worse productive yet and is still part of the country's needs through imports, so with regard to benefits in the country to set up plants for production of aluminum ingots 3 km gas reserves in Iran was launched It seemed such a plant and compulsory. In this regard, direct MM, Director aluminum industrial complex south of the presence in the stands of the press to reporters' questions Samat Samat in Bystvykmyn international exhibition about the progress of the factory replied that follows

Is Southern Aluminum Complex has started construction of a factory?

Southern Aluminum project started 10 years ago and fundamental work was done, but it was not to begin construction of the plant in recent years. Talk of sanctions, internal obstacles and resistance from the shareholders of banks caused serious determination to make this project begins, not seen so many reasons this project was delayed

Or because if we are not able to supply alumina can fix this problem by long-term contracts because they mention it as an advantage in this market, we can talk of energy and power that we have in Iran. Of course, in this regard, Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade Agreement between Iran and the follow-up to enable continuous and joint venture bauxite, Guinea has done in this area

Planning is based on a partnership with Guinea still go on? According to Iran's long-distance Guinea, bauxite imports as effective?

further studies are done on mines Kazakhstan to conclude that if we are there for the near distance and transportation is considered a better advantage

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