Iran, though not large, but produce 400 thousand tons of aluminum production, aluminum per year to cater to domestic needs. and our country is not the size of the countries in the development of aluminum industry to be successful. But one of the main obstacles in the way we move in this direction, shortages of raw materials for the production of aluminum is aluminum scrap could somehow cover the shortfall. However, the third major aluminum production plant in Iran, the only factory producing aluminum from scrap is Ayralkv technology

Ayralkv factory produces about 150 to 200 thousand tons of aluminum, but its production to 300 thousand tons of scrap metal. Pvrtar Majid, Director Ayralkv recently announced, the company soon to produce secondary aluminum (recycled scrap) will act as the equivalent of the entire current production volume is targeted. According to industry experts, the waste from aluminum production is obtained in terms of quality aluminum base is different. Thus, the production of aluminum can scrap more with this step

Secondary aluminum from aluminum and waste Qrazhhay aluminum producer obtained in plants can be used in various industries. The scrap aluminum in the automotive industry, billets and used in the Pnjrhsazy. Mohamed confused about the difference between basic and secondary Jbyshh aluminum, aluminum advisor IMIDRO Samat said in an interview with waste that is obtained from aluminum unibody cars "alloy" as well as waste that is obtained from factories producing aluminum, aluminum recycling and become Grid 97 is higher than that of aluminum "base" called. Aluminium 'secondary' is in fact recycled aluminum alloy is used. The more aluminum is used in industries such as Blytsazy but combined with aluminum alloy base is used. Jbyshh turbulent continue as a combination of basic aluminum and aluminum alloys as well as other waste that much different aluminum alloy products will become final. and recycled to proceed. Jbyshh more disturbed about the price of recycled aluminum base and said price recovery in different countries, prices will be different, for example, recycled aluminum in our country and in Turkey a price is a price other. However, the aluminum base is a world price. He went on to explain: So when global aluminum prices are low, it may not be economical secondary aluminum. But when the price is high base aluminum, secondary aluminum scrap will find it more economical

Long many countries have moved towards the production of aluminum from scrap metal industry and one of the reasons these countries use this Qrazhhast. But Iran also faces serious obstacles in the way of supply of aluminum scrap. In this regard, direct MM, Director aluminum south (Salkv) in an interview with Samat said the prolonged use of scrap for recycling, requires industrial and consumer countries, while our country is not considered major producer of aluminum scrap. Thus, industrialization and per capita consumption of aluminum is directly affecting the production of aluminum Qrazhhay feed your need for the development of secondary aluminum production, the aluminum recycling industry provides. He continued direct: Another way to provide secondary aluminum production industry to launch aluminum scrap, aluminum scrap imports from other countries, which requires the development of infrastructure such as ports and is equipped Launching some docks. This is while in Iran are faced with problems of imports of scrap metals. In addition to the above strategic planning and policy has played a significant role in the development of secondary aluminum industry. Unfortunately, Iran is still a clear and concise plan of development the industry is not developed, but companies such as Ayralkv implicitly that they are following the development of the secondary aluminum industry. ... Is. Direct emphasized: Of course, the use of secondary aluminum in the automotive industry must acknowledge that we still use aluminum in the automotive industry as they have not found their place. He added, however, that based on reports provided by 2025 consumption value of aluminum in the automotive industry in North America to 10 billion pounds and the world's 35 billion pounds and thus producing light vehicles in the global market for aluminum industry conversion will be

Qrazhhay profitable
In this area, we can countries such as Turkey, Brazil, China and North America is noted. For example, given that North America has announced that effective use of secondary aluminum in car production, by 2025, 75% of its production of aluminum body of all new trucks that will be part of it through secondary aluminum production. Direct said is interesting to note that currently about 40% of aluminum production in North America is obtained through secondary production. Brazil is also one of the leading countries in particular in the field of aluminum recycling aluminum cans in the world. According to the Brazilian Aluminum Association, the country has to February 2016, 289,500 tonnes of recycled aluminum cans. However, the recycling rate of aluminum cans in the country in 2014 to 98/4 per cent. This shows the maturity and sophistication of the Brazilian aluminum industry is reviving. So we can conclude that the secondary aluminum industry also set up a direct impact on increasing the production of aluminum and develop the industry, the increase will be dependent production and downstream aluminum Tayrgzar. Director aluminum south (Salkv) about the cost of secondary aluminum stated: Based on the reports presented, in secondary aluminum production far less energy than the production of primary aluminum is used. According to the World Association of aluminum, with aluminum production up to 92 percent energy can be saved through the secondary. Continue straight: in addition to energy conservation, secondary aluminum production decreased costs and environmental pollution as well. So, according to the association, 10 percent increase in the production of secondary aluminum to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 15 percent. In addition to manufacturers of products containing Secondary aluminum Secondary aluminum production has increased sales and profitability will be greater. This is because consumers, especially in Western countries sought to buy from companies that their products are produced in accordance with environmental standards.



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