Many aluminum products such as spray cans, foil, etc. car parts are recycled in large quantities and can be obtained from secondary aluminum. Industrial aluminum scrap is melted again to be sure of its high purity molten metal. Secondary aluminum industry is essential for survival because it is often necessary to produce new metal also has the optimal combination of recycled materials used.

In most countries, there are new markets in the field of recycling can be referred to as the distribution chain.

Among these are the ability to Brazil noted that one of the leading countries in the field of recycling of aluminum cans in the world. According to the Brazilian Aluminum Association, this country until February 2016, 289,500 tons of aluminum cans is recycled. While the recycling rate of aluminum cans in 2014 to 98/4 per cent of the country! This reflects the maturity and sophistication of the Brazilian aluminum industry is reviving.

In America, according to data released by the Institute of Geology of the country in 2015, recycling of scrap purchased approximately 3/61 million tons. Initial information suggests that the Institute of Scrap Recycling aluminum is about 8/244 million pounds in 2015, which represents 2.8% growth compared to 2014. Aluminum beverage cans are among the highest in the industry about recycling rate was 66.7% in 2013.

Recycling rate of aluminum cans in Europe, Switzerland, Norway and Iceland are also high that the industry rate in 2013 was 71.3%. This value is very important for Europe's aluminum industry and the industry intends to 2020 to 80 percent rate increase. 

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