The CEO of Ghadir Investment Co., Dr. Soleymani, along with some of senior managers of this company paid visit to SALCO site. During the visit, managing director and senior managers and experts of SALCO accompanied Ghadir group and presented a comprehensive report about SALCO project progress to them.

After visiting SALCO site, Dr. Soleymani thanked all efforts carried out for SALCO project and called the project one of the biggest projects in Iran. He added that Ghadir and IMIDRO through mutual cooperation financed advanced payment of this project and paved the way of project execution. CEO of Ghadir welcomed continuous presence of SALCO mangers in site and their supervision and called it as a valuable action and mentioned that  SALCO project is a very valuable for Iranian aluminum industry.

Mr. Soleymani emphasized on timely and qualified completion of SALCO project along with using high technology. He mentioned that we expect first aluminum ingot to be produced on August 2018. 

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