Managing Directors of SALCO and NEUI held a meeting at NEUI head office and discussed the issues related to SALCO project.

During the meeting Mr. Mostaghimi, managing director of SALCO, pointed out that SALCO is seriously willing to choose a contractor for the phase 2 of SALCO project and has invited famous companies of this industry to participate in the tender. Referring to the experience of NEUI in SALCO phase 1 and strengths of this company, SALCO managing director invited NEUI to participate in the tender of SALCO project phase 2. Mr. Mostaghimi referred to creation of a consortium between Ghadir Investment Co., IMIDRO, and SALCO for development of an alumina plant. Also, he suggested the development of a joint company called NEUI-METAL in Iran through joint investment of SALCO and NEUI companies for activities in field of engineering of aluminum upstream and downstream industries. Moreover, he emphasized on necessity of providing solutions for solving basic design problems by NEUI.

NEUI managing director appreciated and welcomed the suggestion of Mr. Mostaghimi regarding the continuing of cooperation in next phases of SALCO project as well as alumina project and explained the latest technologies in field of aluminum production provided by NEUI, the ways to reduce the initial investment in aluminum production as well as NEUI experiences in field of implementation of alumina projects.    

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