Considering the commissioning of SALCO smelter on August 2018 and the necessity for accommodation of SALCO personnel, via an agreement between SALCO and Ghadir International Construction Co., a residential city with capacity of 600 building unit, for the first phase 200 building unit, will be constructed.

Private Section Participation in Settlement of Aluminum Downstream City (Alum City)

In order to create more value added in aluminum production chain and considering the investment attractions in downstream industries, aluminum downstream city (Alum City) will be settled in the vicinity of South Aluminum Corporation (SALCO) for production of aluminum components and semi-finished products, and part of produced aluminum will be transferred to Alum City in form of liquid to be used as raw material for the industries located at Alum City. In addition to considerable saving in energy, in will help to formation of aluminum industrial clusters in the Alum City. Currently, some companies from the private sector has been announced their readiness for the development of the alum city.

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