Considering some issues in field of project's civil phase and some delays related to civil subcontractors, Mr. Mostaghimi, managing director of SALCO, held a meeting with NFC president, Mr. Wang Hongqian, and both parties discussed on above-mentioned issues. During the meeting, SALCO managing director expressed his concerns regarding the project civil situation, mentioning that NFC should submit its make up plan for improving civil situation and delays' compensation. He added that subcontractor field should be improved, NEUI designing team should be settled in project site and as soon as possible NFC      project manager go to and supervise this plan.

President of NFC, Mr. Wang Hongqian, admitting the mentioned problems, pointed out that main cause of these problems include:  delays related to engineering phase, weakness of subcontractors and delay in second advance payment. Hence, Mr. Wang ordered NFC's project manager to go to project site ASAP and stay there until solving the problems as well as adding two new civil subcontractors, also provide a precise executive plan in order to meet scheduled milestones of the project.   

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