Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade, Mr. Nemat zadeh, along with Mr. Karbasian, chief of Iranian Mines and Mining Industries Development and Renovation organization (IMIDRO), and some of deputies of the minister visited SALCO project.

Mr. Nemat Zadeh after visiting Lamerd & Parsian Special Zones said: I visited both of the zones which are related together; because for import and export of products we need a port. He added: operation of establishing Parsian port has been started and because SALCO project is under construction at Lamerd Special Economic Zone, our priority is the phase one the port, which will be used for import of raw materials.

 total production capacity in Iran is 350,000 t/y and the capacity of SALCO phase one is equal to total production capacity of the country. Execution of SALCO project will have positive effects on job creation and development of the region and will help to establishment of downstream industries. Moreover, if private section investors are willing to invest in the region, Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade will support themوMr. Minister about SALCO project said.

After the SALCO presentation on project progress report by SALCO project manager, Mr. Nemat Zadeh appreciated Mr. Mostaghimi's efforts and his colleagues, hopping that with the supervision of Mr. Mostaghimi and SALCO managers as well as contractors' efforts, project progress continues.

Ghadir Energy combined cycle power plant was another project which Mr. Minister visited it. The power plant will supply required power of SALCO plant.

Chief of IMIDRO, Mr. Karbasian, during the visit said: according to the statement of Iranian supreme leader, job creation is one of the important policies of Iranian government and definitely after commissioning, maximum employment of regional and native manpower will be followed.

He added: employing native manpower will cause to reduction of costs and increase of labor efficiency, considering the work force's neighborhood with their family.

Dr. Karbasian pointed out: Mr. Minister has ordered to formation of a working group with presence of deputies of the ministry and industrial elite, in order to activate SALCO downstream industries.  

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