Date: 9/27/2018


Bid Invitation No: 4-AlF3-9.18


Subject: Procurement of Aluminum Fluoride


South Aluminum Corporation hereby solicits your bid for supply of the following product based on the below terms and conditions:


Description of goods:  Aluminum Fluoride (AlF3)


Quantity of goods: Initial Quantity of 1470 t and 554 t each month starting from 6 month from the delivery of the Initial Quantity of 1470 t


Delivery terms: Partial shipment is allowed, delivery should start no later than January 2019 (Shipment schedule will be agreed mutually)


Shipment terms: CFR Bandar -Rajaei Port


Payment: In order of preference

  1. By Swap against the following choices
    1. Aluminum ingot
    2. Copper
    3. Steel
  2. By T.T. Reimbursement


Other conditions:


Note 1: for further information on submitting an offer, please study annex ​I & II:

Annex I. General Tender Information

Annex II. Specifications of Aluminum Fluoride


Note 2: Interested bidders may obtain further information either by contacting the following emails or by phone and fax at the following numbers:

Email: or

Tel : +98 21 88720136

Fax : +98 21 88720140

Address :No.35, 13th Ave., Seyyed Jamaluddin Asadabadi St., Tehran-Iran

Postal code : 1433673981



General Tender Information


Packing: In Jumbo Bags


Delivery Term: CIF Shahid Rajaei port ( As per Incoterms 2010)



Delivery Time: To be delivered by Jan 2019, Partial shipments are allowed.


Validity: Your offer should be valid for 45 Days.


Deadline: Your offer should reach to Commercial Department at the following address by latest by 14th of October 2018 in a sealed Envelope. (All received offers by email or fax will not be considered).



Note 3: All Closed envelopes should be addressed by below information:

A. Name of Supplier:

B. Number of Tender:

C. Stamp of Company:

D. Specify Envelop A and B


CURRENCY: The requested currency is USD OR RMB (Etc.)

OFFER TERMS : Your offer should consist of following information:

(Signed and Stamped in sealed envelope)


Envelope "A" should show relevant expertise, capability and knowledge in the supply of Aluminum Fluoride Internationally and complete Specification of Supplier(the relevant data sheet or catalouge of Supplier should be attached to your offer)


Envelope "B" should show that the tenderer is willing to enter a 1 year minimum contract To supply 6648 mt annually having sufficient resources to supply Aluminum Fluoride (AlF3) on Swap basis for Aluminum with a minimum Grace period of 45 days from the Delivery date of the AlF3 to Bandar-Abbas (Shahid Rajaee Port) and by indicating their proposal for Swap in terms of price for the duration of the contract.

or by proposing payment terms by T.T. Reimbursement 

Quantity/mt (specify quantities which you are able to provide minimum xxxx and Maximum


Country of Origin


Payment terms


Validity of Offer


Delivery Time


Packing Method


Quantity which can be supplied in tons


Price by swap


Price in cash



Additional Information:


Note 7: Before shipment, Cargo should be inspected by third party Inspection Company.


Note 8In case a company wins the tender and refuse to ship the cargo on time according Salco's regulation the concerned supplier(s) may be banned to participate in subsequent tenders for the same material or all and will be responsible to identify Salco as well and bid Bond guarantee will be confiscated by Salco.


Note 9: ​This invitation for a tender does not bind Salco to purchase of such goods. Salco reserves the right to cancel the above tender without assigning any reasons and without any intimation from the bidders.


Note 10: All tender bids must be submitted in person to Salco headquarter in a closed and sealed envelope at the following address. Bids received through Email or fax shall not be considered.

Address: No. 35, 13th Ave., Seyyed Jamaluddin Asadabadi St., Tehran-Iran


Note 11: Salco is permitted to set Quantity between the 3 top offers.


Specifications of Aluminum Fluoride


Chemical composition of Aluminum Fluoride

Chemical composition (mass fraction) %

Impurities, ≤


















Physical properties of aluminum fluoride

Particle size mm

Rest angle


<325 mesh


>20 mesh


true density


Bulk density g/cm3

300°C LOI










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