430 KA Technology

Maximum amperage of production lines in Iran is 240 KA with 92 % efficiency, while the utilized technology in South Aluminum Project is 430 KA technology with 94 % efficiency which is among the most modern technologies in the world.

Higher amperage of production line, not only causes more production, but also leads to reducing the investment amount, and finally achieving more economic production. For example the No. of reduction cells for a production line with 200 KA technology, is almost double in comparison with a production line with 400 KA technology. In order to increase the production rate, the amperage of production line should be increased.    

In recent decades, production lines amperage has been gradually developed from 200 KA to 240 KA and 300 KA, and recently to 400 and 450 KA. The more increase in amperage rate, the more developed technology and efficiency. Considering amperage efficiency and production line amperage parameters, total production capacity of each reduction cell will be 3255 Kg, having 258 reduction cells, total production of reduction line will be 300,000 t/y.

Utilizing high technology

 The utilized technology is in comply with environmental standards and is equipped to the modern emission control systems. Emission control efficiency in this technology is about 99/8 %. During the emission control, resulting fluoride will be returned to production system.

Environmental advantages of the 430 KA technology:

  • High emission control during the substitution of reduction cells anodes
  • Closed system of transferring alumina and coke
  • High efficiency emission & dust control

    SALCO technologic advantages in comparison with other smelters:

  • Low power consumption
  • high efficiency amperage
  • high production capacity (3255 Kg)
  • high emission control system
  • low costs and expenses for utilizing high technology

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