Scope and geographical location
Lamerd city with an area of ​​3932 square kilometers within 446 kilometers from the provincial capital of Fars province, in the southern tip adjacent to the provinces of Hormozgan and Bushehr is located. LARESTAN city from north to south and East with the province, the South West is neighboring with the city seal and the province.
Natural effects
Two major mountain ranges in the city there Lamerd Lamerd the coastal strip south Kshvrjda other one Dvdsht Lamerd to separate the central plains and Alamarvdasht each
The divisions into three sections called Lamerd city center, Ashcan, Alamarvdasht, 7 districts, 4 cities and 142 rural spot, has been established
Written and non-written books about the history of the two disciplines can be noted that the history of this region is some indication of considerable antiquity. Based on written work such as Farsnamh Nazareth, works Jaafar Mohammed Khormoaj like the five-year record low since the Safavid ever be cited for Lamerd. But the fact remains that according to ancient monuments, dating life and living and working in this region is much more than five hundred years. Lorestan have a lot of similarities

 Language and religion
Along with the local dialect is the language spoken in the central part of Lamerd in Fars and Bushehr Alamarvdasht similarities of accent and dialect there Luri. People Eshkanan District polishing and antiquating.Usually own dialect with an accent similar to that used LARESTAN people.
100% of the city's population is 95 percent Shiite Muslims, known and 5 percent are Sunni
Population and labor
According to the 1385 census, the city population, of which 36 217 people Lamrd78692 Nfrast in urban areas and 42 452 people live in rural areas. On this basis, 46 percent in four cities (Lamard, Ashcan, people, Alamarvdasht) and 54 percent are in rural areas. Super percent of the population census is the city of the province Drsdmy 8/1.

Lar road at 35 km Eshkanan West village Whey is under construction
8400 people during the construction phase and are also worked during the commissioning about 400 people will be employed. It is predicted that in about two thousand people indirectly employed
Lamerd contains pod weaving handicrafts, Gelete weaving, plaiting, black chadors, weaving happened, table weaving, rope weaving, rug, carpet, it is. Some of these crafts can be seen only in the tribes
Number of trained personnel in the fields of handicrafts in the 83 city, 45 persons have been trained 65/0 per cent of the province makes up
In recent years, investigations in the city Lamerd valuable resources have been discovered and some are in operation. Three great source of natural gas, large deposits of cement and gypsum mines can be discovered resources Lamerd city named
A gas-sources
Radiant gas field (Tarakameh)
 Bright geographically huge gas field in the southern city of Lamerd and southeastern mountainous region of western gas field is located in Assaluyeh
 The field, the largest gas field discovered after the revolution Drkhshky and sweet largest gas field discovery in the history of Iran. Recoverable gas condensate, which is between 24 to 32 thousand barrels per day of condensate value of the right to assume Price) of $ 20 per barrel (and gas) per million) (BTu equivalent to 75 cents) is about 5/16 billion dollars . The main feature of this field is also good as fresh Brzkhyrh of gas that has no need for sweetening

Gas reservoir Paul (Mount Khalili)
Paul anticline northern most point between the city Lamerd Lamerd city 220 kilometers south of Shiraz 90 km from Kangan refinery is located. The tank has a large gas field of sweet gas with a capacity of 10 cubic feet and 100 million barrels of gas liquids is Trylyvl

Gas tank Varavi
The reservoir is located 20 kilometers northwest of the city Lamerd

Gas tank started

The gas field with dimensions of approximately 8 x 75 km south of Gulf and is located near the city of bitumen

Dalan gas tank
The tank dimensions are 7 x 45 km south-west of Farashba

South Pars Gas Field

Economic conditions

Crops cultivation of annual and perennial city Lamerd both rainfed and irrigated 12942 hectare that the ratio of arable land and uncultivable city ranging from about 4 percent of the arable land are city.

it is traditionally not found. Fortunately, after the victory of the Islamic revolution, transformation of the Lamerd to the city, followed by the provision of basic economic infrastructure, rich Vjvdmadn Gazdr city, adjacent to the massive area Assaluyeh economic and Parsian Refinery, active participation of private sector investors, potential conditions that underlie to become a pole of industrial Lamerd city has provided.
What the study plan for existing and future Lamerd city is concluded is a huge transformation of the economic dimension Drlamrd will occur in the near future. Lamerd city's strategic location in the vicinity of Bnadrjnvby and the beach, there are huge resources of gas, build and operate the Parsian gas refinery near the city, close to major refineries in Assaluyeh free and easy access to the Persian Gulf waters, south of establishing a cement factory aluminum smelting factory, regional, optimum planning and day-to-day support and strengthening of the economy and infrastructure after deciding it.
Industrial area
became active. The three production units, 8 units are under construction in the area and has a total of 25 pieces of land have been granted to applicants. In the development of the region also prepared a total area of ​​about 8 hectares to 20 Hktarmy it reaches this area for the transfer of land for non metallic mineral industry and cellulose are limited.
Industrial town
it has also been provided.

Energy-industry towns
Energy industry town in an area of ​​1700 hectares near the presidential visit aluminum plant approvals in respect of the Board meeting dated 01.31.86 government Fars province was approved.
Application development and deployment of energy-intensive industries in the zones add your comment - Lamerd to create a vision for a sustainable development of industrial growth poles Vzystgahy with the economic, social and cultural characteristics.


The objectives of this project:
 Steel production of 10 million tons per year, equivalent to 3/18 of the total steel production of the country by the year 1404 is projected goal.
To determine the aluminum to produce 2.1 million tons per year.
It is predicted that in the area add your comment - Lamerd 10 million tons of cement to be produced in 1404.
Industrial activities in the region predicted deployment of energy industry on employment to 50 thousand people. In addition, 25,000 people will be active in the service sector directly related to the industry.
The plan this year to about 95 billion rials credit fenced, roads and ownership of land around it is being done.
Aluminum smelter south
 The manufacturing unit with investment of 1.2 billion dollars with a capacity of one million tons in three phases, with the participation of foreign companies (Chinese) Lamerd airport will be built in the north already electricity, water and geological studies, fenced, Construction Camp was conducted and office building contractor and employer, and Pile Driving Machinery of civil Affairs underway

North Pars gas field

 Assaluyeh gas reservoir
 Because of the gas resources of the city and neighboring resources in Assaluyeh gas Brpalayshgah setting up of Parsian gas refinery near the city seal is being done in this city. launched.
 It is in recognition of the mining city Yadarvy study conducted by Gulf Industries and Mines Organization that inform more accurate to refer to the corresponding report.

B - cement mines
Based on studies in Lamerd city, there are large deposits of high-quality cement and the cement factory Lamerd executive is in progress. About 3800 tons and annual production capacity of these plants is 1,000,000 tons.
C - Crushed chalk
Now a gypsum mine in the village of Paqalat section called Ashcan unit is activated from the gypsum industry that most of its production is exported to Arab countries.​


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