Benefitting from the consultants and experts, South Aluminum Corporation, SALCO, has taken necessary measures in the field of HSE.

Iranian Environmental Organization through evaluating SALCO's environmental report and with considering some environmental requirements, has issued the required permissions for SALCO smelter's commissioning.

with the help of some industries located at the south of Iran, SALCO has taken measures for refining and reusing the residue of production process as a source of energy. By utilizing the most modern technology for refining environmental emissions, according to Iranian Environmental Organization's standards as well as international environmental standards, emission of fluoride, carbon dioxide, and sulfur will be minimized. On the other hand, Iranian Environmental Organization according to the environmental requirements, through an electronic system will daily monitor and evaluate the emissions, after commissioning.

During the project construction operations, contractors will report on emissions, wastes resulting from construction operations, and security situation, to Iranian environmental Organization. SALCO has committed itself to promoting health and safety of the personnel and monitoring emissions. For this reason, one of the priorities of SALCO is continuous training of its personnel in the field of HSE and persuading them to follow the health and security procedures. According to the Iranian national laws, in order for monitoring environmental effects, manufacturers must prepare an environmental report and obtain the related permission prior to commercial commissioning. Based on this, the responsibility of preparing environmental report, for the smelter and the power plant, has been assigned to an environmental consulting company.

Moreover, the social effects resulting from the establishment of SALCO plants has been monitored and evaluated by the environmental consulting company.

Through taken measures, environmental effects will be minimized during the commissioning as following:

Through utilizing the most modern technology of collecting and refining of the reduction plant emissions, the dust range will be 5.2 mg/

By using modern equipment and high investment rates, the emissions resulting from production, will not destruct the ozone layer. 


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