All main equipment of the project have been ordered by the contractor, advance payments have been paid and their design and manufacturing have been started. These equipment include:

Rectifier Station Equipment

230KV GIS Transformers

Green Anode Shop's Main Equipment

Anode Rodding Shop

Alumina Handling System



Casting Machines and Main Equipment of Casthouses

Homogenizing Furnace

Steel structures of the potroom which are in project critical path, are being constructed by Chinese manufacturer. Other steel structures of non-production buildings have been assigned to the Iranian construction contractors and are waiting for finalized detailed drawings.


Official buildings of the client and the contractor for construction period, have been constructed completely and is in use.

The camp of contractor's foreign personnel has been completely constructed in Lamerd suburbs and is in use.

By implementing CFG 11000 piles, foundations operations of pot rooms have been completed.

Foundation operations of bagged goods warehouse is in process, using 500 CFG piles.

Some Iranian famous subcontractors in construction field, have been chosen for whole buildings' construction and completely have been mobilized. The mobilization include: personnel accommodation camps, independent batching system, assembled workshops, road construction machinery garage , and full deployment of required machines.

Iranian professional contractor in field of supplying high quality concrete for piling operations and foundation of project, has been carried out its mobilization and up to now has been delivered more than 35000 cubic meters high quality concrete.

Perimeter wall building contractor has been mobilized and executive operations of the wall has been started.

Foundation operation of rectifier building has been started.  


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