Casting house

The casting house is stablished to produce about 400,000 t/y casting products for each phases.

The main products of the shop will be extrusion billets and casting alloys which are produced trough 9 casting furnaces.

This shop has the ability of producing 426 t/d billet & alloy slab as well as 396 t/y casting ingot

The produced liquid in reduction shop will be transferred to casting house throughspecial crucibles..  


Gas furnaces

After flaking process, liquid aluminum will be poured to the liquid maintenance furnaces through crucibles, then the material for making alloys are charged to the related furnaces, and after performing quality controls, degassing and metal purification are performed.


Billet molding

 Molten metal will be produced in forms of billets and ingots and according to orders of customers will be produced in different sizes. When the casting process and alloy making completes, billets automatically will be weighted and transferred. When casting finishes, produced ingots are put in homogenizing furnaces to be homogenized and based on the demand will be catted, marked, weighted and sent to the storages or will be exported. 

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