Port facilities

Through ships required raw materials and equipment of South Aluminum Smelter are shipped to its port located at Parsian Energy-Intensive Industries Zone and then to the site of plant.

Port facilities and jetty of SALCO have been located in an area about 8/2 hectares in Parsian Energy-Intensive Industries Zone.

According to the agreements, SALCO has the priority of using required facilities such as unloader, conveyer, silos and required facilities for transferring cargos.

Required raw materials are unloaded from ships through suction devices and are stored in coastal storages and silos, and finally are sent to project site which is 900 km away.

Having such a port facilities and dedicated jetty, will help SALCO and facilitates transportation, safe storage of raw materials and will ensure the import of machines and required materials as well as export of final products. 

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